Software Engineer

Job description

About Eyenuk

Eyenuk, Inc. is focused on quickly and accurately identifying patients suffering from potentially blinding diseases and preventing their vision. At Eyenuk, we are a bunch of highly motivated individuals, who dare to tread the challenging path, of taking machine learning, artificial intelligence algorithms and its supporting infrastructure to the next-level of scale and ease-of-use - to help, make the next big leap in medical science.

We are looking for individuals, who can be part of this team, with their undying enthusiasm, having the will to take challenges on the way, and are filled with ideas and energy to make this happen.

We are looking for Software Engineers, with the below qualities...

  1. Thrives on freedom with great responsibility, to develop a deep understanding of the domain

  2. Uses skills, experience and knowledge to build amazing software, supporting ML / AI

  3. Has the right attitude to learn, work with a dynamic team & is open to ideas to make things happen


Job Pre-Requisites 

Education Qualifications: M.S. in Comp. Science or Engineering

Total Experience: 1 to 5 years

LocationUS-based (H1-b or OPT ok)

Skill Requirements:


Python, JavaScript, C/C++ (Highly proficient in any two here)

Frameworks / Stacks

MVC, Flask (any one framework and stack)


MySQL, RDBMS Concepts

Interfaces / APIs

RESTful services, JSON / XML

UI Design and OS

HTML5, Windows, Unix/Linux, PyQt

Design Concepts

OOPs Fundamentals, Abstraction

Core Concepts Understanding

Very good with algorithms, data structures & SDLC process

Roles and Responsibilities

Architecture & Design:

  • Provide support to define, develop, review architecture & designs
  • Develop architecture / design and workflows for cloud-based setups
  • Effectively resolve design issues during development
  • Validate and support the team to evolve existing architecture / designs

Understand Requirements:

  • Work closely with clinicians (eg. ophthalmologists and retinal specialists) to define, clarify, and enhance workflow and user experience
  • Write well-articulated documentation for requirements and user experience
  • Validate and support team to verify and elaborate requirements

Core Development:

  • Develop software that supports high throughput processing
  • Design and Develop highly scalable, clean, readable & well-documented code
  • Develop intuitive UI (desktop / web / mobile) with an optimized backend 
  • Develop code that adheres to Eyenuk standards and as per QMS procedures

Testing & Deployment:

  • Test, deploy and maintain existing / developed software
  • Improve and optimize software to meet quality goals
  • Review development and releases to incorporate change and improve 
  • Server / site provisioning, maintenance of App and DB Servers

Knowledge & Flexibility:

  • Ability to work on multiple projects
  • Flexible to learn new languages, bits of ML / AI, human anatomy, clinical research concepts and regulatory science as needed

This is a full time on-site position in Los Angeles.

Benefits and Extras

  • Competitive salary plus healthy stock options in a growing company. High upside potential.
  • Join a diverse multi-disciplinary team
  • Work closely with expert doctors and key opinion leaders
  • Work with a an experienced team with skills in computer vision and machine learning concepts
  • Work in a dynamic startup environment. No bureaucracy or limits on what you can do
  • Contribute to and participate in the company growth. Own ideas, turn them into products/features, watch customers love them, and get credit for all of this
  • Opportunity to publish papers, attend conferences in varied fields & contribute to open source projects